What to give 2nd time mums

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When a friend or relative becomes a mum for the first time, the gift options are endless.

One shopping trip into Pure Baby or Seed will be enough to get your own ovaries aching with the gorgeous newborn gifts on offer. Jellycat bunnies! baby beanies! knitted blankets! Its cuteness-overload.


What are your options?

There’s the practical stuff – thermometers, baby baths, nappies

The cute stuff – gorgeous rompers, swaddles, baby blankets

Plus the stuff, if you’ve been there before yourself, you know she’ll appreciate the most – cooked meals and offers to do housework!


But what if they’re going round two?
It can be hard to know what gift to give 2nd time mums.


Here are a few gift giving tips for second or third (or fourth!) time mums. Your options may be a little more limited but there are still plenty of thoughtful gift ideas out there.


  1. Clothing. Wait, shouldn’t they have HEAPS of clothing from last time? Well yes that’s true, particularly if the new baby is the same gender. However – if you’re a second or third child you’ll hear me on this– no one wants to wear hand me downs the ENTIRE time. It’s a little hard for mums to justify (to their husbands) buying new clothes for subsequent babies. Particularly when they have piles of nice but previously puked on/colour-faded onesies recently pulled from storage and freshly washed. So while mum won’t need a bulk pack of 000 rompers, lets face it, everyone loves new clothes. A gorgeous new outfit for baby won’t go astray and will likely be on high rotation.


  1. Meals. As applicable as the first time, and perhaps even more so given mum will be dealing with a newborn plus one or two other children. Trying to chop veges or stir pasta sauce with a crying newborn strapped to you and a whinging toddler hanging off your legs so you can’t move isn’t anyone’s idea of a nice way to spend an afternoon. (hold on…..I think I just pictured my life in about 2 months, excuse me while I quietly sob in the corner). Give mums something they can pop in the oven or microwave for dinner and you’ll make at least one dinnertime less hellish. They’ll love you for it. Yes, people often give the same sort of carb-heavy meals, but I’d eat lasagne 3 times a week if it meant I didn’t have to cook it.


  1. Childcare. Let me just say first time motherhood is no walk in the park. However there are those moments when you’ve just fed your precious newborn and they’re sleeping soundly on your chest so you pop your tired feet up and catch up on the latest few episodes of GIRLS (or Suits/GoT/Homeland etc) and relax……bliss. This doesn’t happen with number two – or so I’m told. When bub is FINALLY asleep you’ve then got the dual problem of trying to keep the older child quiet AND entertained. Good Luck. So I implore you, if you have the time and inclination, offer to take big brother or sister off mums hands. An hour or so running around at the park will hopefully mean a long afternoon nap for a toddler, so it’s a gift that gives twice!


  1. Things they missed out on. Most mums will have a pretty long list of “essential items” they bought first time round that ended up languishing at the bottom of the cupboard unused and forgotten about. (Nipple cream anyone?) However there may be another, albeit shorter, list of items that their mum-friends raved about but they never had. A hug-a-bub, bumbo, bouncer, video monitor or gro-egg? Just ask and you might find you can give or contribute to something they really want and will get lots of use from.


Having baby number 2 should be just as special as the first. A thoughtful gift will show you’re a true friend and not *just* dropping by for the newborn cuddles – though I am sure there will be lots of those too.


Disclaimer! For those that know I am about to welcome a second baby (in 6 weeks but who’s counting?) I promise this blog post isn’t a long-winded nudge in the right direction.


Well…..ok, maybe point number 3. I’ll take all the help I can get.


Are you a 2nd time mum? What gifts did you appreciate 2nd time around?

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