Myland Seal


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With the Myland Seal from Kid O bath time can be fun time. Though don’t be fooled, its *so* much more than a bath toy. The brand new Myland Seal, from the award-winning, New York based Kid O makes learning feel like playing. This interactive, floating bath toy lights up with different levels of intensity – all triggered by child’s play. Using their curiosity, kids discover how things works through fun, hands on experience.

No buttons to press or instructions to read. By playing, children discover that the character is actually the on/off switch, and that interacting with the seal in different ways moderates the intensity of the lights from a gentle glow to a brighter effect.
Kid O have developed toys that encourage early STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in early learners.

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Kid O Myland Seal

Dimensions: 13.76 x 10.41 x 5.33cm
Suitable for 2+