Outsourcing Your Life

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Outsourcing your life

This is my first blog post in such a long time.




Well, you know how people say once you have kids you’ll never have a spare moment to yourself?

As it turns out, they’re pretty on the money.


Particularly when you have a toddler with epic levels of energy and a baby who doesn’t get the concept of sleeping at night. Life is busy. Whether you have one child or 10, a fur baby or a man-child, modern day living is hectic. It’s hard to squeeze all of the life-stuff you need to do each day to 24 measly hours.


Which is why I am talking outsourcing.


All Wrapped Up was created from my desire to help others who were too busy to do the whole find gift/wrap gift/send gift thing in person and wanted to outsource that to someone else. I love wrapping and sending gifts, it makes me happy. I get that for some people, sending gifts is a PITA, so to get someone else to do it makes total sense. It’s a win-win.


It got me thinking about outsourcing.

What in your life do you outsource or what would you love to get someone else to do? Here are my top picks.


1.Cleaning. Duh! This is definitely the most obvious one. Cleaners are no longer the domain of the wealthy. You can get a cleaner just for the jobs you don’t want to do. Loathe scrubbing the toilet? Hate vacuuming? Can’t stand cleaning the oven – (or do you simply never do it?!) A cleaner will do some or all of these jobs. A few hours each week for around $20-$30 an hour. Money well spent.

The downside? Assuming you find a good one, not a lot honestly. Though some people find they tidy up before the cleaner comes over, which essentially means they are cleaning for the cleaner. Crazy right? Yep.

DISCLAIMER – I don’t actually have a cleaner, I don’t mind cleaning. Crazy right? Probably.


2. Cooking. You don’t need a live-in chef to outsource your cooking. It could be youfoodz, dineamic, liteneasy or one of the many pre prepared meal services out there. It’s also worth noting, giving meals or a voucher to a meal service is a great gift idea for new parents. It’s loads cheaper and healthier than getting takeaway.

In a perfect world everyone would meal plan and also have their own pre made frozen dinners ready to go. But we all live in the real world.

Me? Well I’ll admit to having a few Dineamic pouches in the freezer ready to go on days when cooking is low my priority list but I feel a little guilty serving beans on toast for dinner.


3. Grocery shopping. If you haven’t started online grocery shopping, get on it. Coles and Woolies both do it. It’s heaven. No more nightmare trips to the supermarket with kids in tow. No more impulse buying in the confectionary aisle (Buy more, save more? No, its buy more, spend more obviously, though my brain always fails to remember)

The downside? Well you know how shopping on a Sunday afternoon is THE WORST because its busy, hectic and there’s no decent fresh produce left? Shopping online is still busy on a Sunday evening. The servers struggle to deal with the number of people jumping on the website at the same time. However, I am usually in my PJs with a wine in hand, so I can deal with that.

Oh, it also sucks when you choose a 6am-9am delivery window and it actually does come at 6am.


4. Bins. Ok, so I don’t have a link here but I saw a story on Sunrise once about these guys that take your bins out and back in each week for a small fee. They even clean your bins out when they get stinky.

I have always remembered it as I would TOTALLY use this service if I needed to, which I don’t as I am lucky to have a live-in bin guy (my husband, ha!)


Fess up.

Do you get someone else to clean your car or walk your dog?

Does your mother to come around once a week and wash your sheets? (You know who you are. Yes, I am jealous)


These days everyone seems to be working longer and harder. It’s certainly going to be more and more common to get other people to pick up the slack in our lives – even if that means paying them to do it.


What do you outsource? Is it worth it? Is there a perfect service outsourcing service yet to be invented??!

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