Gifts for boys aged below 5

Enchanted Woodland Floor Puzzle
Floor Puzzle – Enchanted Woodland

Why this gift?

For little ones who love their animals, this Enchanted Woodland Floor Puzzle from Petit Collage is both fun and educational, featuring vibrant and engaging artwork. Contained in a perfect gift-to-go box with a soft cotton rope handle.

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The Wiggles playhouse
The Wiggles Playhouse

Why this gift?

Because everyone loves The Wiggles! The Wiggles Playhouse Storybook & Playhouse Set lets kids build their very own Wiggles Playhouse. They can read the book, make up the play pieces of their favourite Wiggles friends and play inside the playhouse, or out in the garden with their very own play mat. Pack includes a book, foam model house, stand-up pieces and a floor mat. Little ones will love piecing together their favourite Wiggles and characters. Soft EVA foam jigsaw pieces are perfect for little fingers. Featuring everyone’s favourite Wiggles characters, including Captain Featherword, Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags the Dog.

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mega colouring finding dory
Mega Colouring

Why this gift?

Because Mega Colouring means mega fun! Colouring is the best but colouring in characters from your favourite films is even better. Kids will love these mega colouring books featuring Disney Characters like Dory and Elsa. Add some crayons or textas to make a great gift

Available in: Finding Dory and Frozen

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paw patrol storybook pups fight fire
Paw Patrol Storybook

Why this gift?

Know a kid who loves Paw Patrol? Sure you do, they all love Paw Patrol (or at least it seems that way). Give them a story book they can read again and again featuring their favourite Pup.

Available in: Pups Save a Train, Pups Fight Fire, Pup’s Save Ryder’s Robot

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sticker play
Sticker Play

Why this gift?

Sticker Play activity books are truly wonderful gifts. You probably don’t realise how much kids love stickers, because you’re no longer a kid, but they really really love them. These sticker play books allow kids to use stickers to complete activities. Also inside are games, puzzles and much more. Includes more than 60 cute stickers: some to complete activities and some just for fun! Great to keep kids occupied on trips or out at cafes.
Available in Disney Princess & Paw Patrol
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disney little treasures
Disney Little Treasures

Why this gift?

These Disney Little Treasures take fantastic and well known stories from the big screen and put them into a gorgeous hardback story book for kids to enjoy again and again. A great gift for little kids, especially of you know these are one of their favourite movies.

Finding Dory: Forgetful Dory is very happy living in the sea with her friends Marlin and Nemo. But one day, memories of her long-forgotten parents come flooding back. With the help of old friends and new, including Hank the septopus, can Dory finally discover her past? Find out what happens in Disney Pixar Finding Dory.

Toy Story: Woody is Andy’s favourite toy – until a brand-new Buzz Lightyear toy arrives. But Woody and Buzz must find a way to work together when they get separated from the rest of the toys and have to find their way back home. Will they ever make it back to Andy’s room? Find out what happens in Disney Pixar Toy Story.

Frozen: Elsa and Anna are sisters and best friends. But one day, Elsa casts a spell that traps the kingdom of Arendelle in an eternal winter. Anna must set out on an adventure to put an end to Elsa’s icy spell. With the help of her new friends Kristoff, Sven and Olaf, will Anna be able to save the kingdom? Find out what happens in Disney Frozen.

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paint by numbers
Paint by numbers

Why this gift?

Paint by numbers is a fantastic gift idea for little artists who love to paint. Plus, there’s a reason watercolour painting is great for kids, MUCH less mess (and therefore stress) than regular paint. Paint by numbers also means less “abstract” art and with complete guidance of which colours to use where. With 8 vibrant colours these make for a creative, fun gift idea. Kids can turn the pages and the paints remain firmly in place, directly above the book. Each paint by numbers book includes 23 line-art images featuring all of Disney and Pixar most popular characters.


Two paint by numbers titles available: Disney Pixar and Disney Princesses

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petit collage elephant wood pull toy
Elephant Wood Pull Toy

Why this gift?

This Elephant Wood Pull Toy from Petit Collage is simply adorable and a perfect choice for discerning parents who love to have wooden toys for their kids. Handmade from sustainably harvested wood with a natural cotton cord, Jumping Jumbo is a classic pull toy with a modern retro look. Little walkers will enjoy taking this sweet little elephant for a stroll. Watch him jump up and down and sway his wiggly ears as he moves.

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All the animals activity book
All the Animals activity book

Why this gift?

From the world of Eric Carle comes this All the Animals activity book. A wonderfully fun and educational activity book or kids. Who is loudest? Who is fastest? Kids can match the animal to the sound it makes, spot the difference between the pandas, count the rubber ducks, and lots more! This All the animals activity set features simple, fun, full-colour puzzles and activities for ages 3 to 6 years. It also includes 5 favourite furry animal stickers for kids to use. Eric Carle has created more than 70 books for children including many bestsellers like the classic Very Hungry Caterpillar.

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the find it book
The Find it Book

Why this gift?

A picture book with a difference, this is a find it book just for kids. How cool! This very aptly named Find It Book gets kids to search for characters they know and love. Kids will need to look for the cow who jumped over the moon, find Little Bo Peep’s lost sheep and search for the Owl and the Pussycat. A new set of nursery rhyme characters to look out for on each page. Where are they hiding and will you be able to find them? This magical new title from Margaret Wise Brown will be a hit with little book lovers.

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the good little bad little pig
The Good Little Bad Little Pig

Why this gift?

Books are a fantastic gift idea for kids of all ages. The Good Little Bad Little Pig is an adorable little story for early readers to share with their parents. Peter wants a perfect little pig for a pet. Not a bad little pig, and not a good little pig. Peter wants a good little bad little pig! So his mum sends the farmer a letter… Does Peter get what he asks for?

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you're a big brother
You’re a Big Brother

Why this gift?

“You’re a Big Brother” is such a thoughtful gift for the 2nd time mum and dad. Getting a brand new brother or sister can be a tough adjustment for little ones so this book perfect for parents keen to prepare siblings for the arrival of a new baby. Written by best-selling author David Bedford “You’re a Big Brother” helps reassure common siblings’ fears in fun, rhyming text.

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Quut Sloopi bath boat packaging

Why this gift?

The Sloopi from Quut is a fabulous two in one gift idea and a great toy for little ones this summer. It’s the most stable toy boat ever designed and perfect for both the bath and beach! The toy’s three parts (boat, dinghy and see-through lid) encourage exploration and imaginative play.

Kids can play with their sloppy during bath time or bring their Sloopi to the beach. It’s perfect for shaping sand boats or using the see-through lid to discover what wonders lie beneath the surface of the water.

Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 4.5 cm

Suitable for ages 0+

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Kid O Myland Seal
Myland Seal

Why this gift?


With the Myland Seal from Kid O bath time can be fun time. Though don’t be fooled, its *so* much more than a bath toy. The brand new Myland Seal, from the award-winning, New York based Kid O makes learning feel like playing. This interactive, floating bath toy lights up with different levels of intensity – all triggered by child’s play. Using their curiosity, kids discover how things works through fun, hands on experience.

No buttons to press or instructions to read. By playing, children discover that the character is actually the on/off switch, and that interacting with the seal in different ways moderates the intensity of the lights from a gentle glow to a brighter effect.
Kid O have developed toys that encourage early STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in early learners.
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Petit Collage Colouring Book Mermaid Tales
Colouring Book

Why this gift?

These colouring books from Petit Collage are the perfect match to our Tinta Crayons or Tiger Tribe stackable markers and a great gift idea for budding artists. These gorgeous colouring books feature a world of beautiful illustrations highlighting many characters Petit Collage fans love and recognise.

With 36 pages to colour, they feature bold patterns and unique colour printing.

 Available in two beautiful titles – Mermaid Tales and Animal World, the books are perfectly sized for on-the-go or rainy day fun. Your little artists can finish the beautiful designs with their own twists of colour, making the illustrated scenes their very own. Printed on FSC certified paper.
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Stackable Markers

Why this gift?

These stackable markers from Tiger Tribe are a super fun set of 12 vibrant colouring-in tools for kids. What’s even better? They stack together! Colouring is a great craft time activity for kids and a perfect way to keep them occupied and away from screens. Kids can use these stackable markers individually or stack them up to make one giant multicoloured marker.
12 different colours plus pointed felt tips for detailed colouring means these are the perfect Christmas gift for the budding artist in your house. Plus importantly, each marker comes with its own lid, so you don’t have to stack them to keep them from drying out. Each marker is 6.5cm tall.
Pair up with one of our awesome Colouring Sets for hours of creative fun!
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Penny Scallan Boys Cutlery Set Big City Packaging
Penny Scallan Boys Cutlery Set

Why this gift?

This Penny Scallan girls cutlery set matches perfectly with the girls mealtime set to make a wonderful gift! Kids will love having their own special cutlery for mealtimes, and parents will appreciate anything that makes mealtimes easier! These are both light and easy to use, little ones will love sitting down to eat and will soon be finishing everything on their plate*


*not a guarantee



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Penny Scallan Storage Box Navy Star
Penny Scallan Storage Box

Why this gift?

These Penny Scallan storage boxes are just the thing to keep messy bedrooms and play rooms clutter free. Kids will love the funky design and parents will love that toys can stay stylishly out of sight! These collapsible storage boxes in Navy Star design are made from super strong cotton canvas and are easy to wipe clean. In classic red and navy they’ll fit perfectly into any kids room.


Size W 24.8cm x H 27 cm

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Penny Scallan Money box Navy Star
Penny Scallan Money Box

Why this gift?


All kids need a money box and this one in Navy Star design from Penny Scallan is just perfect. Being both functional and stylish this Penny Scallan wooden money box will brighten up any child’s room and help them learn the importance and satisfaction of saving!

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Dinosaur Pull-Backs
Dinosaur pull-backs

Why this gift?

These dinosaur pull-backs from Tiger Tribe are an incredibly simple idea yet loads of fun for little ones. Get prehistoric with one of three dinosaur designs, or grab one of each for racing. Simply pull them back and watch them go!

3 dinosaur designs: triceratops, t-rex and brontosaurus.


Suitable ages 3+


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Perfect Pairs Puzzle
Perfect Pairs Puzzle

Why this gift?

Tiger Tribe’s Perfect Pairs Puzzle is ideal for early learners and a perfect example of how fun games can be educational for little ones. To play kids match beautifully illustrated animals with the correct number and pattern to make the perfect pair! This puzzle is ideal for early numeracy, colour recognition and spatial awareness. The extra-thick format jigsaw pieces are also great for small hands.

Suitable ages 3+


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Kid O Tempo Music Set
Kid O Tempo Music Set

Why this gift?

This Kid O Tempo Music Set is cool and absolutely perfect for the budding music lover. By simply taking hold of the easy-to-grasp handles kids can discover and learn about different musical sounds.Just by shaking, small hands can ring a bell, click a castanet, and rattle the tambourine cymbals! Start making some music today.

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Tinta crayons pack
Tinta boys crayon set

Why this gift?

Lots of kids love to draw and for those who do, this Tinta boys crayon set is a perfect match. These hand poured wax crayons from Tinta are 100% natural, sustainable and eco friendly and in the right little hands are 100% fun too. Made in Melbourne these crayons are not only safe for kids and impart beautiful colour but they’re super cute with funky designs kids will love. Match with one of our colouring books and you’ve got yourself a great gift.

Comes in two boys designs: Transport and Dinosaurs


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two little ducklings animal sounds flash cards
Animal Sounds Flash Cards

Why this gift?

What a perfectly cute gift idea for older babies or toddlers. Surprise them with a gift they surely won’t have. These gorgeous animal sounds flash cards from Two Little Ducklings make learning fun and will help little ones learn their lions from their monkeys (and their unique animal sounds) faster than mum or dad thought possible! Designed and printed in Melbourne.

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Kid O Mix and Match Animals
Kid O Mix and Match Animals

Why this gift?

This Kid O Mix and Match Animal set is a great gift idea for little people and with these sleek stylish looks Mums will be happy to have these guys on display too. Kids can mix and match their favourite zoo animals in brightly coloured pieces to create new versions of familiar animal friends. The pieces snap together to produce fun puzzles that encourage early creative thinking and social storytelling.

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Penny Scallan Boys Apron
Penny Scallan Boys Apron

Why this gift?

A great gift idea for the budding masterchef. With these gorgeous aprons from Penny Scallan littles ones can look great, keep clean all while helping out Mum and Dad in the kitchen.

Design: Space Monkey

These are one size fits all. Ages recommended are 2 to 6



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Penny Scallan Hot and cold pack
Penny Scallan Hot Cold Pack

Why this gift?

This ‘juicy apple’ makes the perfect addition to one of Penny Scallan’s kids lunch boxes. It’s perfect for keeping food and drinks cool for lunch, just pop into the fridge or freezer for an hour before you go out. They also are handy for all kinds of bumps and bruises that little people can receive.
These are dual purpose and can also be used as a heat pack, just submerge in hot water for 5-7 minutes.



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Penny Scallan drink bottle space monkey
Penny Scallan Boys Drink Bottle

Why this gift?

A perfectly kid-sized stainless steel drink bottle from Penny Scallan is a great gift idea. Giving kids their very own drink bottle (to match with their backpack and lunchbox?) is a thoughtful gift because while we all need to be encouraged to drink more water, kids need the most reminding! This way kids can have their very own water bottle to carry with them each day – to school, kindy or a day out with the family.


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