How will it look?

So you understand how it works and think online gift wrapping is a great time saving idea but you want to make sure your lovely gift gets wrapped perfectly and arrives at its destination looking stunning? Well here is the low down on how we wrap your gift. Firstly you choose the gift wrapping paper that you think fits the occasion.


For your nephew’s birthday

A Thank You to a and green gift wrapping paper

coloured triangles wrapping paperFor  Mother’s Day

coloured stripes gift wrapping paper


The choice is yours and we have plenty to choose from. If it’s nice and easy to wrap (love those books!) then we wrap it up on its own. If you have bought a few items or your gifts are oddly shaped then we will pop them into a gift box first before being wrapped up.

Once your gift has been wrapped we will add a matching ribbon to finish it off and it will look something –


like this

online gift wrappingor this
online gift wrappingor this

online gift wrapping                                                    

Remember it doesn’t matter if your gift is large or small, if you’ve purchased one thing or five, 
we will wrap it all for a teeny $3! Along with Australia wide shipping capped at $8 that’s a great 
incentive to be generous.


Any other questions? Check out our FAQs page and you might find an answer there