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Hello! This is a place where I talk all things gift giving (and a few other things as well) I discuss gift ideas, trends, wrapping, etiquette, you name it! There also is a little about my life as a mum and step-mum, country girl turned city chick and avid online shopper. I sometimes tell funny stories, I often give advice and I always use too many exclamation marks!!!

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Outsourcing Your Life

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This is my first blog post in such a long time.   Why?   Well, you know how people say once you have kids you’ll never have a spare moment to yourself? As it turns out, they’re pretty on the money.   Particularly when you have a toddler with epic levels of energy and a baby who doesn’t get the concept of sleeping at night. Life is busy. Whether you have one … Read More

What to give 2nd time mums

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When a friend or relative becomes a mum for the first time, the gift options are endless. One shopping trip into Pure Baby or Seed will be enough to get your own ovaries aching with the gorgeous newborn gifts on offer. Jellycat bunnies! baby beanies! knitted blankets! Its cuteness-overload.   What are your options? There’s the practical stuff – thermometers, baby baths, nappies The cute stuff – gorgeous rompers, swaddles, baby blankets Plus the … Read More

Different gift ideas

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If you want to stand out from the rest this Christmas and come up with a different gift idea, you have to think outside the (gift) box.   What does that mean?   Well, we know that gifts don’t always have to be physical – I’ve written a whole post about that. However, beyond that it’s simply a gift that makes you think ‘wow, what a great idea’. Often throughout … Read More

Gift ideas for Kids

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It’s not always easy coming up with great gift ideas, especially at Christmas when you’re already stressed about about a million other things. I have previously written a post on how to come up with gifts ideas and take the stress out of gift giving, however, I get that sometimes you just want to be told. So that’s what I am going to do. These are great gifts everywhere but … Read More

Why it’s awesome (and sometimes not so awesome) to live away from family

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  When you are young and impatient to grow up, you might dream about one day leaving everything you know behind and moving somewhere new.   Whether you choose to move to the country, city or head off overseas, going some place different, putting down roots and making new friends is great. It’s fantastic actually, because when you live away from family, life can have its fair share of upsides. … Read More

Why I am feeling grateful this Father’s Day

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  This Sunday is Father’s Day so even though it’s my husband that will be getting all the presents (lovely and handmade – though not necessarily both! Haha) and breakfast in bed I’ll be still be feeling the love, and here is why:   Up until recently Father’s Day has been a time for me to say thanks to my own Dad. For all the hard work he put into … Read More

Too many toys, not enough space

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  If too many toys, not enough space is an issue for you (please tell me I am not the only one!!) read on. Hopefully you’ll find a few tips and at the very least be reminded that you’re not alone in this ongoing battle against clutter.     August is a special time of year in our household. As of 2014 we have half of our household’s birthdays in less … Read More

City Versus Country

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This post deviates from the usual theme of gift giving to discuss something else close to my heart. City versus Country. Moving away from family and friends in the country to a city 8 hours away was one of the major factors in creating All Wrapped Up. I love living in Melbourne and wouldn’t live anywhere else (well, maybe Paris) but there are certain aspects of country living that the city … Read More

The Great Re-gifting Debate

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regift verb gerund or present participle: regifting riːˈɡɪft/ give (an unwanted gift that one has received) to someone else as a gift. “do you think she’ll regift that horrendous vase?”     I’ve done it before. You might have too. Someone you know certainly has (maybe even to you!) Re-gifting. It’s been controversial since….well…ever. Re-gifting is a fairly common practice these days though not everyone is accepting of this modern … Read More

The non-physical gift

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It’s hard not to agonise over what to buy when you’re faced with giving a present to someone who already seems to have everything. Or that other doozy; buying a gift for someone who tells you that you don’t have to get them anything – honestly. Riiiight. Of course you do. If you’re coming up empty when it comes to gift ideas then there may be a solution you hadn’t thought of – a non-physical gift.   … Read More

Kid’s birthday parties

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  My son’s first birthday is only two months away and I have done exactly nothing to organise his party (except pick a date). Kid’s birthday parties fill me with a little dread, there is so much emphasis and expectation that goes with them, especially their first one. (Though I do feel the first is more for the parents, a ‘yay, I have survived a whole year of this parenting gig’ … Read More

The Liebster Award

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  This week I was very delighted to discover that I had been nominated by fellow blogger Yes Peas Mumma for the Liebster Award. The Liebster award is an ongoing award that floats around the internet, awarded by bloggers and designed to help people discover new blogs. Its lovely to know that others enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it (in the 35 minutes I have … Read More

For the love of books

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  “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” ― C.S. Lewis   You said it C.S. Lewis. If there is one thing I love as much as a good book it’s a nice cup of tea. Combine the two and you’ve got a perfect afternoon or way to wile away an hour or two. Now, I realise the sort … Read More

My First Mother’s Day

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner and this being my very first one as a mum I thought I would dedicate a whole post this wonderful celebration of mothers. I am a little over 8 months into my journey of being a mum. Prior to this I had been stepmum to 3 wonderful boys and while this in itself is both entertaining and eye opening, having my own baby was … Read More

My Favourite Fads

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Do you know what a fad is? If you lived with my husband you would. I constantly rib him about how ‘faddy’ (yes I know, not a real word) he is. A fad of course is an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived. When he is into something he is really into it. He reads up about it, talks (incessantly) about it, buys all … Read More

Buying for babies

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Sending off a new baby gift to my brother and sister-in-law who welcomed their second child (and my first niece!) this month has reminded me of all the lovely things I received when my own little one was born (He’s only 7 months so it’s not really that long ago). Having a baby is sort of like getting married in the gift giving stakes; the volume and variety of gifts … Read More

The Group Giving Dilemma

Giving is relatively simple and enjoyable when the relationship between the giver and receiver is one to one. When my mother’s birthday comes around, buying her a present is (relatively) easy because I know what she likes and I know how much I can spend. So typically I arrive at a happy medium with a nice present I know she’ll appreciate, that also hasn’t meant forgoing my morning coffee for a … Read More

Why online shopping rocks

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If you’re a fellow lady (or lad) with a penchant for a bargain and a wireless connection, I probably don’t have to convince you. I love shopping (or lets face it, pretending to shop) online and here are a few of the reasons why:   No pressure. Don’t you hate when you walk into a small boutique and you realise you’re the only one in the store. Great. Now they’re … Read More

Wrap it right

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I don’t know why but I really really appreciate a nicely wrapped present. I am one of those freaky people who think about what their Christmas wrapping ‘theme’ will be each year and organise co-ordinating wrapping, ribbon and gift tags before the end of November. I think the reason I love a beautifully wrapped gift is that you can see that whoever gave it to you put in that little … Read More

Giving gifts

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Giving gifts is something I have always loved to do. It’s a interesting concept, that people derive as much pleasure from the act of giving presents as they do in receiving them (well – perhaps not your average 8 year old, but I am sure this feeling grows on all of us to some degree as we mature). I once read an interesting article in the New York Times that … Read More