Gift ideas for Kids

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It’s not always easy coming up with great gift ideas, especially at Christmas when you’re already stressed about about a million other things. I have previously written a post on how to come up with gifts ideas and take the stress out of gift giving, however, I get that sometimes you just want to be told.

So that’s what I am going to do.

These are great gifts everywhere but these particular ones you can find on All Wrapped Up.


Given Christmas is nearly upon us (6 weeks….just saying!) these are all gifts ideas for kids, because lets face it, you’ll be buying a lot of kids gifts in December.



1. My first Autobahn $19.95My First Autobahn 3

Ah, don’t the German’s just do stuff well? This nifty little pack from Donkey products is a perfect example. It includes a roll of adhesive tape and a minature car for little guys to create their own autobahn wherever they go. Kids just roll out the tape on the ground and volia, a motorway. (don’t worry, the tape won’t mark your floor) Such a cute idea and nice stocking filler.

Great for? Boys under 8, especially those who love cars



2. Water Wars $44.95water wars 5

Man I wish they had this when I was a kid. Water Wars is sort of like a cross between having a water fight and playing laser tag. Each kid (or lets face it…adult) wears a vest and when you’re squirted with water in the target area your vest turns red. The vest turns white again when dry so on a really hot day, when you can’t be bothered taking the kids to the beach or pool, this one’s a winner.

Great for? Kids over 5, even adults




3. Tiger Tribe Rag Dolls $44.95Tiger Tribe Rag Dolls

I don’t think I am ever going to get over how adorable these dolls are. They are even more adorable in person, and they have their own name (to the left you have Lucy, Tessa and Charlotte) which I personally love as it reminds me of my trusty cabbage patch doll. In today’s world of freakishly done up dolls ie Bratz & Barbie, or freakish realistic dolls like Baby born (seriously, isn’t the attraction of a pretend baby that it DOESN’T cry or poo?) these rags dolls are cute, cuddly and the perfect companion for any little girl.

Great for? Girls under 5




4. Mark Mat Australia $39.95markmat australia

Yes this gift is ostensibly for kids but secretly your giving this for their parents too. It’s a reusable placemat that kids can take with them to cafes and restaurants. Kids can draw and colour in till their heart’s content and parents can have their latte in peace…well that’s the idea. Then it can be wiped clean and packed away for next time. Even comes in its own carry box so no bits get lost.

Who for? Kids 3-7 (& their parents)




5. Embellish’d Gift Pack $34-$36Embellish'd Bowti-ful gift pack

I am a sucker for handmade items. I think they make great gifts firstly because it shows you didn’t simply grab something off the shelf at your local Kmart or Big W. Secondly they’re typically great quality and gorgeously detailed and thirdly, you’re supporting a small business. These packs from Embellish’d tick every box. Girls can show their personality at a young age with hair accessories and the pack gives them a bit of everything – hair ties, headband and hair clips, so its great if you’re not sure what they’ll like.

Who for? Girls 3-10


There you go. A couple of great and inexpensive gift ideas that lots of kids would be pleased to open up under the tree this Christmas. Also, it’s November which means you still have plenty of time to get organised so start shopping now!

Keep a look out for my next post which will detail a few non traditional gift ideas this Christmas.

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