All Wrapped Up FAQs

  1. I just want to buy something from your site, I don’t need it wrapped or with a card. Is this possible?

Absolutely, just don't add any wrapping or card.

  1. Can you send the card blank so I can write in it myself?

Yes, just leave the writing box blank and make a note of this when you checkout. The card will be sent blank for you to write on. Make sure your send the package to your own address.

  1. Can I use my own wrapping paper?

Yes, if you would prefer to wrap this in your own wrapping paper just omit the wrapping component all together. Alternatively include wrapping with a note that you would like to do this and you will be sent the wrapping paper along with your gift to complete yourself.

  1. Can I return items?

Yes, please send back in original condition to All Wrapped Up, PO Box 921 Williamstown VIC 3016 for a full refund. Please see the returns section for more information.

  1. Can I purchase multiple items for one shipment?

That’s very generous of you! Yes, just keep adding to the cart and remember to select wrapping and a card. The gifts will then be wrapped together and sent along with the card to your nominated address. You only need to purchase one lot of wrapping.

  1. How will I know my gift has been received?

A notification will be sent via email from Australia Post to confirm the parcel has been delivered.

6. You still haven't answered my question, how do I get in touch?

No problem, get in touch with us here