Different gift ideas

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If you want to stand out from the rest this Christmas and come up with a different gift idea, you have to think outside the (gift) box.


What does that mean?


Well, we know that gifts don’t always have to be physical – I’ve written a whole post about that. However, beyond that it’s simply a gift that makes you think ‘wow, what a great idea’. Often throughout the year I’ll stumble across some really great ideas and I’ll try to remember them when it comes time to birthdays and Christmas. Sometimes I do – when I’ve had the sense to write the idea down – many times I’ve forgotten by the time it comes to buying a gift!


So for those who are struggling thinking about those last few Christmas presents and want to give a different gift idea, here are a few great suggestions for this Christmas that you may not have come across.


  1. ecocaffeEcoCaffe. You’ve got a friend or relative that loves their coffee (who doesn’t?!) has a Nespresso and is environmentally conscious (that should really be all of us!) I know “environmentally conscious” and “nespresso machine” don’t typically go together because lets face it, as fantastically convenient these machines are, the number of those used plastic pods going into landfill is appalling. The biodegradable coffee pods from Ecocaffe provide delicious authentic espresso in a Nespresso compatible pod that will fully biodegrade within 180 days!!! Yes that deserves multiple exclamation marks. So if you know a coffee addict you can give them a gift that feeds their addiction AND helps the environment – which is kind of like a gift to us all.


Motivating Mum Christmas Gift Guide

  1. A Christmas gift guide with a difference. This awesome guide was put together by the lovely Motivating Mum and encompasses a bunch of one-off experiences and services you can give for gifts this Christmas. The great thing about this guide is it gives you loads of ideas you would probably have never thought of. Given a few massage vouchers in your time? Well how about giving the gift of a personal stylist or professional organiser? Cooking class or floristry workshop? These fresh ideas give whole new meaning to ‘gift vouchers’


TinyMe name backpack      TinyMe name pencil case

   3.  Tiny Me provides personalised gifts. Yes I know, not a new thing. You may have even heard of this company or one similar. They sell lots of adorable kids things that by themselves already make great gifts – bags, puzzles, décor, stationary, lunch boxes. Yet a personalised version takes it to a while new level. A puzzle made out of the letters of a child’s name is so much better than a generic one picked off the shelf. This is even more applicable if you know a little person with a unique name (or spelling) that will never be able to get a key ring or mug from a gift shop with their name on it. Yes, I was one of those kids. I would have LOVED something of my own with my name on it.


  1. Anything handmade/homemade/from a small business. Ok, that’s a fairly broad statement, yet it’s a great rule of thumb if you want to show someone you gave their gift a little more thought. There are simply thousands of handmade/homemade businesses out there selling gorgeous jewellery, décor, accessories, clothing. Jump on ETSY or search #handmade on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean. For our part we have lovely gifts from Midnight and Coco, Tinta and Embellish’d that are all handmade by talented women. Again, gifting something handmade means you are giving twice: once to the recipient and once to the small business owner. Now that’s got to make you feel all warm and fuzzy this Christmas.

Midnight and Coco Necklace Navy Mint and Marble

Embellish'd Liberty Gift PackTinta crayons pack


Disclaimer. I have seriously not be paid or given kickback by any of these companies (ha, I wish!) it’s just that when I like something, I REALLY like it – and I like to tell people about it!


Is there a gift idea you’ve come across that is going to make you shine for all the right reasons this Christmas?

Don’t hold out on me, please share!

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